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Our Services in 
  • Septic Tank Pump Out and Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Treatment Plant Cleaning and Refilling
  • Grey Water Cleaning
  • Repairs- Septic Baffles and lids
  • Grease Trap Baffles and Lids Replaced
  • Grey Water Pumps Replaced.
Wet Waste is a family-owned business since 1996. Our Number One priority in Mudgeereba is customer service. That is our commitment to you, our customers. We are always ready to share our knowledge and answer all your questions.

Specialising in residential homes work in Mudgeereba, Wet Waste is continually striving to provide the most comprehensive septic service.

We have come to be known as a reliable and top-quality septic tank cleaning company in Mudgeereba that can handle any task efficiently and affordably.

All waste we collect is sent to facilities for recycling, in order to help our environment.

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Trusted and Recommended Since 1996

Wet Waste is offering Pensioner discounts and Free Inspections.

We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan and Redlands.

Residential Septic Tank Pumping Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan and Redlands.

Conventional or Gravity Flow Septic Systems

This is by far the most common septic system and typically has the lowest cost of ownership. However it can be heavily affected by rain, and the capacity of its drain field.

Residential systems typically range from 1600 Litres to 4000 Litres, with 1600 Litres being the most common.

We typically recommend pumping these septic systems every 2-4 years depending on how many people are in the home.

Going beyond this time can cause sludge to build up to the point where it starts going out into the drain field. This causes a bio mat to be formed, which blocks absorption and reduces capacity. In many cases this damage is not repairable, and can lead to costly repairs.

Septic Maintenance

If you own a septic system, it is important that it be properly maintained.

How often you need to pump the solids out of your septic tank depends on several major factors:

  • The number of people in your household
  • The amount of wastewater generated (based on the number of people in the household and the amount of water used)

Although your septic tank absorption field generally does not require maintenance, you should adhere to the following rules to protect and prolong its functional life:

  • Do not drive over the absorption field with cars, trucks, or heavy equipment.
  • Do not plant trees or shrubbery in the absorption field area because the roots can get into the lines and plug them.
  • Do not cover the absorption field with hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt. Grass is the best cover, because it will help prevent erosion and help remove excess water
  • Aways divert surface run-off water from Grey Water, roofs, patios, driveways, and other areas away from the absorption field.

Contact Wet Waste

Contact Wet Waste

Wet Waste - septic tank pump out Gold Coast

Liquid Waste Removal and Septic Tank Cleaning on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Redlands, Logan and Ipswich Shires.

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