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Aquanova, Biocycle, Biotreat, Ecocycle, Econocycle, Ecosafe, Envirocycle, Envirotech, Fuji-Clean, Icon Septech, Krystal Kleer, Novaclear, Super Treat, Taylex, and Other Brands. Your Technician should advise you when pumping is required. Approximately every 8 -10 years for a family of 4.

HSTPs are also known as Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems (AWTS) or All Waste Treatment Plants (AWTP). They are a system used for the treatment of sewage and liquid waste, and are basically a domestic version of a sewage treatment plant.


HSTPs have significantly better water quality than older style septics if properly maintained and therefore have far less environmental impact.


Cleaning Products

You must use environmentally friendly cleaning products as any product used that kills bacteria is harmful to your system. If you wish to use some of the harsher cleaning products, it is suggested that you use a bucket and discard the contents in the garden. 

This also applies to disinfectant, surface sprays and wipes. Some other things that may cause problems are anti-biotics or people who are on chemotherapy. We do not suggest that you stop medication; just expect that the treatment system may not function well for a short time.


Washing Machines

Try to evenly spread your washing over a period of a week. Avoid where possible to wash everything in one day. It puts too much water in the system in a short time and your HSTP will struggle to cope. Liquid soaps breakdown easier than granulate styles do. 

Try not to use too much soap.


Things to Avoid

  • Acids
  • Chlorine
  • Caustics
  • Bleaches
  • Ammonia
  • Disinfectant and heavy chemical products
  • Fat
  • Oil
  • Milk
  • Grease
  • Antibacterial products
  • Nappy pre-soaker products
  • Toilet deodorisers/cleaners etc are some of the types of products that will cause the bacteria to die off in your HSTP. It will recover but may cause some odours in the short term.

Don't allow foreign objects, (e.g. Nappy liners, disposable nappies, tampons, pads, condoms etc) to enter the system. They do not breakdown and can cause problems.

Avoid pouring large quantities (1/2 litre or more) of beer, wine, milk or fruit juice or oils into the system. Products that are acidic may affect bacteria production.

Use products that DO NOT contain disinfectants, bleaches &/or anti bacterial (harsh cleaners). All products should be used in moderation.

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