Is Rain causing your Septic System to Back Up?

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In Australia we can experience heavy rainfall causing a multitude of problems but one thing that can be affected is your septic system. There are two main things that can end up happening:

  • Flooded Absorption Trenches
  • Plumbing becomes backed up

We experience a lot of calls about septic tanks being backed up after there has been heavy rainfall or even during the rainfall itself. A lot of rain can cause the ground to flood quickly around the absorption trenches, which will result in the ground becoming overly saturated.

When the water has nowhere to go, the water is going to eventually end up backing up into the drains and toilets within your home.

You can take some precautions with a few different things that can reduce the risk of this taking place.

How to Help

All water from downpipes should be directed away from absorption trenches

Always direct your Grey Water (Sullage) wastewater away from absorption trenches.

All natural run off water from rain should be diverted away from absorption trenches.

Keep the grass mowed so the sun can dry out absorption trenches faster.

Preparing for Rain

One of the best things that you can do is make sure that your septic system is in good condition before the rain starts.

Some absorption trenches can work better than others depending on the soil type you have and the size of your absorption trenches.

But making sure your septic system and absorption trenches are in good working order before rainy seasons is the best prevention.

If you think your septic tank system or absorption trenches are faulty the best thing to do is get in touch with a professional company like Wet Waste so that they can inspect your septic system.

With the right maintenance and preventative efforts, you can make a massive difference to your septic system.

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Contact Wet Waste

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