Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease TrapCleaning

Proper cleaning and maintaining of grease trap is very important. Without proper care and treatment, problem situations like odours, backups, failed inspection, excessive pumping, and overall unsafe sanitary conditions can exist.

So call Wet Waste grease trap cleaning today and get your grease trap cleaned.

Grease Trap Maintenance guide

How to maintain your grease trap:

  • Have a good hard look at the structure and check:
  • Does the lid fit and close firmly – leaving NO gaps for insects or small mammals to squeeze through – they can slip through VERY small gaps and slots so check thoroughly.
  • Are there any cracks or chips in the lid or on the walls of the grease trap? Concrete grease traps are especially prone to developing cracks or big chips in the lids.

Regular cleaning

  • Are all the baffles in place? The number of baffles will depend upon the design. Smaller grease traps often have 3 baffle plates but inspection often reveals one or more missing or broken. If the trap was designed for 3 baffles it needs three baffles to do its job effectively.